Tuesday, September 29, 2009

VRX-1/NS-40 Rig

3/4 Completed
30 Sep. This project is in working conditionand has made 4 contacts.  This consists of 2 kits put out by the 4SQRP Club.  it consists of the VRX-1, and NS-40. The VRX-1 is a  small very vertsal direct conversion VXO rx. Right now it is configured for 40m, but by changing a few parts it will do 160-10m. TheVXO covers in my case almost 5khz, and can be replaced by a vfo if you want. It is a complete kit for $25 and built manhatten style. The directions are amonug the best I've seenEach part is shown with examples of how to mount them. Itbuilt in sections. At the beginning of each section is a theory of how it works, then step by step directions, asnd finally what he calls Sanity Check. They are where you check it out The build wentok to me a couple of minor problems cause I'm stupid hi My only complaint is I found it a lil cramped. On my next version I will spread it out a little. This project is fresh in my mind because I just finished it   VRX-1

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